A Real-Time Solution for Underlay Coexistence with Channel Uncertainty


Underlay coexistence is an effective mechanism to improve spectrum effïciency by having picocells coexist with macrocell on the same spectrum. Due to a lack of cooperation between the primary users (PUs) in the macrocell and secondary users (SUs) in the picocell, it is impossible to have complete knowledge of channel gains between them. Under such circumstance, chance-constrained programming (CCP) is shown to be the ideal optimization tool to address such uncertainty. However, solutions to CCP are computationally intensive and cannot meet 5G’s timing requirement. To address this problem, we propose a novel scheduler called GUC (stands for GPU-based Underlay Coexistence) to find an approximate solution to CCP in real-time. The essence of GUC is to decompose the original optimization problem into a large number of small problems that are suitable for parallel computation on GPU platforms. Through extensive experiments, we show that GUC reduces the scheduling computation time by at least 10,000 times comparing to commercial solvers (on CPU) while achieving an average of 90% optimality.

2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)