A generalized optimization framework for control plane in tactical wireless networking


© 2017 IEEE. Tactical networks are generally simple ad-hoc networks in design, however, this simple design often gets complicated, when heterogeneous wireless technologies have to work together to enable seamless multi-hop communications across multiple sessions. In recent years, there has been some significant advances in computational, radio, localization, and networking te, and session’s rate i.e., aggregate capacity averaged over a 4-time-slot frame)chnologies, which motivate a clean slate design of the control plane for multi-hop tactical wireless networks. In this paper, we develop a global network optimization framework, which characterizes the control plane for multi-hop wireless tactical networks. This framework abstracts the underlying complexity of tactical wireless networks and orchestrates the the control plane functions. Specifically, we develop a cross-layer optimization framework, which characterizes the interaction between the physical, link, and network layers. By applying the framework to a throughput maximization problem, we show how the proposed framework can be utilized to solve a broad range of wireless multi-hop tactical networking problems.

2017 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications, ICNC 2017