To Cancel or Not to Cancel: Exploiting Interference Signal Strength in the Eigenspace for Efficient MIMO DoF Utilization


© 2019 IEEE. Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) based models have been widely used to study MIMO networks. To cancel interference, the number of DoFs used in the state-of-the-art DoF models is solely based on the number of interfering data streams. However, by decomposing an interference into the eigenspace, we find that signal strengths varies significantly in different directions for the same interference link. In this paper, we exploited the difference in interference signal strength in the eigenspace and differentiate strong and weak interference signals via their singular values. By introducing a concept of effective rank threshold, we propose to use DoFs only to cancel strong interference in the eigenspace based on this threshold while treating weak interference signals as noise in throughput calculation. We explore a fundamental tradeoff between network throughput and effective rank threshold. Using simulation results on MU-MIMO networks, we show that network throughput under optimal rank threshold setting is significantly higher than that under existing DoF IC models. To ensure feasibility at the PHY layer, we present an algorithm that can find Tx and Rx weights at each node that can offer our desired DoF allocation.

Proceedings - IEEE INFOCOM